Pilates for Back Bending Workshop (1 Sept 2018) – bhumi
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3 Hours Intensive Workshop

We’re living in this modern lifestyle that had incorporated the use of computers and mobile phones way too often throughout the day, causing us to slouch and changing our posture.

The practice of beck bending can help us go against the natural way we hold and move our body. As we slouch forward most of our time, backbends help take us to the opposite direction. We do not have to perform deep backbends to be able to reap benefits from this heart and chest openers.

Many practitioners encounter lower back pain from practicing back bending.

Learn to move into backbends more safely, knowing you can consciously engage the right muscles to protect your spine.

Understanding your body better to bring your body safely into a back bend

Using the right muscles

Our deep core muscles consists of four main muscles to provide stability to our body.
Using these group of muscles along with the surface muscles to guide us into a safe back bend practice.


Once we understand the natural characteristics of the spine, only then we can move safely into a back bend.
Using the surrounding groups of muscles to guide the spine into extension.


Besides strengthening certain groups of muscles, back bending also requires a certain amount of flexibility at different areas of the body.

Fascia Relaxation

Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that wraps and support the muscles, bones, ligaments, and more. Releasing tension in the fascia at different areas can further ease us into a comfortable back bend.

Learn the correct training method to bring your spine into a safe extension.
Course Detail
Fee : RM299 (Free 3 group class passes)
RM249 Early bird before 15th August 2018 (Free 3 group class passes)
Date: 1st September 2018 Saturday 
Time: 10.00AM to 1.00PM
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