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在课程之后,我就这样展开了我的颂钵音疗师之旅,从最先帮助爸爸妈妈开始,然后接下来的每次个案都是满意舒服带着微笑的离开疗愈室,心里满满的感动,这是我的推动力。现在我正式加入了Bhumi lifestyle 新家庭,这里提供更好的环境与设备。希望能在这里让大家体验颂钵音疗的本质,让你的生活与心灵之路重新对齐。期待我们的相遇!

Sound healing therapy

Sound healing to me is a form of self healing. Out of curiosity and scepticism I embarked on this journey to become a sound therapist and learned later on the mysterious charm of the singing bowl. When I first held the singing bowl in my hands and tapped it, the vibrations produced a deep rich tone that touched something deep within me, this encounter opened up my heart to be receptive of the singing bowl’s “innate nature”

My first sound healing therapy experience connected myself to a deep inner state of simplicity and joy, I could felt that my body and state of mind was awakened by the huge magnetic field of the singing bow. After the session, I felt a little light in my head and legs and was told by my mentor to rehydrate and replenish fluids. All matter in the universe, including our cells and organs vibrate at a certain frequency, as our body is made up of more than 70% water and sound and vibration travels faster in water, the vibration emitted by the singing bowls can really affect us at a cellular level, the energy field of the bowl can also detox and cleanse our negative energy.

Bathing in the rich resonance and healing tones of the singing bowl I felt a deep state of relaxation. From then on, the singing bowl has become part of me and taught me to go deeper each time and connect with my inner self. For the longest time I have forgotten how to smile due to setbacks in life and I have since rediscovered the happiness within me.

If you are not the type that believes in meta physics, energy and healing etc, treat sound healing as a tool to help you quite your mind. My driving force has been my family members and clients who have benefited hugely from the sounds of the singing bowl, if you find yourself feeling anxious and having trouble sleeping or simply wants more zen in life I invite you to Bhumi Lifestyle for a unique wellness experience.

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