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Virtual Group Class Schedule

Monday : 7.00-8.00pm
Sexy booty & summer legs | 美臀美腿普拉提 by Jason

Tuesday: 6.30-7.30pm
Abs Slimming | 炫腹普拉提 by Bill

Wednesday: 6.30-7.30pm
Meticulous Training | 普拉提精准修复 by Aeryn

Thursday: 6.30-7.30pm
Blackroll Relax & Toning | Blackroll 放松&塑形 by Shan

Friday: 10.00-11.00am
Slimming Pilates | 瘦身普拉提 by Sharene

Saturday: 4.00-4.45pm
Pilates for Tweens | 少年普拉提 by Sharene

Sunday: 11.00am-12.00pm
Animal Flow (Intermediate) | 中级动物流  by Bill

Monday 7.00pm – Sexy booty & summer legs


Glutes training is essential for all, regardless of gender and age. Are you doing it correctly when you are self-training? Do your squats! That’s what they said, but after so many squats, not only did I not achieve the desired toned and full perky butt but my thighs are getting chunkier as well?
4 classes targeted specifically at glutes training from entry level all the way to advance, sign up now to get your dream bum. Feel the shake sweat and burn

Tuesday 6.30pm – Abs Slimming


A series of Pilates exercise to focus on abdominal area, gaining a sexy vest line or six pack abs. Complete training program design include spine flexibility, deep core muscle strengthening (transversus abdominis, internal obliques,  retus abdominis & external obliques) to increase the training result.

Wednesday 6.30pm – Meticulous Training


From the meticulous body recovery workshop, we understand our body structure well. Then, we need actual training to practice the theories and methods learned in the workshop. Four classes a month, two focus on upper body, two focus on lower body, training accurately to achieve freedom in your body.

Thursday 6.30pm – Blackroll Relax & Toning 

早晨来一堂舒服的,Blackroll 放松&塑形 课,让您一天充满活力💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
课前半段的时间,会利用BLACKROLL® 道具先深层放松肌肉,让您充分舒缓紧张的肌肉和缓解腰酸背痛。
再充分的伸展,增加灵活性,让身体更柔软,促进血液循环。再配合温和的训练, 提高肌肉质量和肌肉的控制能力。
课堂也会比较缓慢的节拍, 注重呼吸质量让你的身体从心链接, 简单基础的普拉提体式, 有效提高并平衡总体运动能力。

This is a gift from you to your body. This is the perfect Pilates workout for days when you want a restorative session and nourishing routine. With the help of the BLACKROLL®, it can easily improve your flexibility and maintain the function of the muscular system, with gentle and simple exercises.Beside that, this relaxed but energised workout, will strengthen your core, relieve pain and helps toning body.

Friday 10.00am – Slimming Pilates 

瘦身普拉提浓缩了普拉提的精华,可以更容易找到普拉提运动中的肌肉发力感,也更快掌握普拉提的核心控制技巧。同时也可以更关注自己的内心世界,忘掉每日生活中的烦恼与压力,让内心变得平静。普拉提最大的特点是简单易学,不仅动作平缓,而且可以有目的地针对背部,腹部,臀部锻炼,同时又能增強身体的柔韧性。虽然基本运动看起来很简单,但作用不小。 除此之外,还可以改善外观正常活动姿势,从而达到控制身体平衡,塑造优美体态的效果。

Slimming Pilates is a series of Pilates mat works to improve your body coordination and strengthening your muscles from inside out. The works may look simple but when it’s done with total awareness and control, it’s a complete different experience! Join the class now to improve your body from inside out.

Saturday 4.00pm – Pilates for Tweens 

儿童普拉提是为了给孩子身体的关节和肌肉锻炼起来…现在小孩子的生活作息,一些不良体态导致身体僵硬, 会影响小孩子的体态与发育… 通过儿童普拉提训练,孩子能好地感知自己的身体,提高孩子的自信心,提升免疫力和获得良好的体态,使日常活动更安全有效… 从小就开始普拉提练习会给孩子们一个健康快乐的开端🤗

Exercise and keeping fit are important for all ages.Teenage years are at the perfect age to learn correct posture and to cultivate proper movement habits that will stay with them for life. Pilates for tweens can control well body in space, correct posture, improve level of focus, boost immune system which many teens find highly beneficial. Its able help teens cope with their stressful lives too.

Sunday 11.00am – Animal Flow (Intermediate)

🦍Animal Flow🦂 融合瑜伽、体操、霹雳舞以及肢体平衡练习等元素,模仿动物跳动、爬行等动作,能够建立力量,挖掘身体潜力,提高移动性和灵活性,加强身体耐力,是一项提高全身肌肉协调性的运动。组合流畅的训练让运动变得更有趣与挑战。

🦍Animal Flow🦂 utilizes natural gravity and your own body weight to perform ground based movement to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing on multi planar fluid movements. It incorporates elements such as yoga, gymnastics, break dancing and body balance exercises imitating animal jumps, crawls and other movements. A whole body workout that builds strength and endurance as well as improve mobility, flexibility, functionality and coordination. The combination of movments and smooth practice, making the training more interesting and challenging.

Bhūmi 的老师最大的特点:
1. 中英语穿插
2. 语言能力
3. 表达能力
4. 观察能力
5. 自己每天训练
6. 最重要的是用心!

Features of our teachers:
1. Fluent in English and mandarin
2. Articulate and accurate verbal cues
3. Sharp observation skills
4. Diligence – We don’t just teach, but we train ourselves everyday
5. Attentive – we put our heart and effort into everything we do

竞争一直都在,而且越来越多,但一切贵在坚持,谁能走到最后还是个未知数。我想,Bhūmi 绝对是可以一直走下去的,因为我们是一群有理想的老师!

The competition will be getting stiffer but we are confident that we are in for the long run, especially when our team is committed and always striving to be better

Fees: RM100 or SGD33 per month (every 4 consecutive weeks) / 1 month unlimited RM299 or SGD99
Each class pack is sold based on a theme and we will require min 3 pax registration to commence any of the classes. You can click the link below for registraion
General Terms & Condition Of Sales

1. All membership packages are non-extendable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable & non-transferable.
2. All membership packages are for individual usage. No sharing is allowed.
3. Pass will be deducted for any reasons that student unable to attend the class.
4. If the studio/teacher cancel the class, replacement class will be conducted.

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