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Bill Wong

I love sports and have been active in basketball and martial arts for a long period. After practising Pilates, I understood that my previous sport injuries happened because I was doing movements that my body was not ready for at that moment.

Through regular practice and Pilates teacher training courses that I have attended, I became more aware about my body and self-corrected my posture with the knowledge that i have gained. I then recovered from knee, ankle, and shoulder injuries.

I had tremendous improvement on my muscle strength, flexibility of spine and body coordination. By practising Pilates, I discovered a better me.

I love to share my knowledge and experience with people around me, seeing them getting healthier and recovering from body chronic pain. This gives great satisfaction to me and therefore it becomes a mission in my life to teach Pilates.

Certified Group Class Instructor training by LiXin Pilates
– Sexy Booty Charming Legs
– Mat Pilates – Beginner
– Mat Pilates – Intermediate
– Shaping Pilates with small tools
– Post-natal Pilates
– Fashion Pilates
– Yoga Pilates
– Spine Corrector
Certified Personal Trainer training by LiXin Pilates
– M1 Pilates Functional Anatomy
– M1 Basic Pilates Personal Trainer
– M1 Extreme shaping series – Sexy Booty & Summer Legs
– M2 Advanced Pilates Personal Trainer
– M4 Reformer & Cadillac
– M6 Pre & Post-natal Pilates Personal Trainer
Animal Flow L1 certified Instructor
BLACKROLL Trainer Education
– Certified MASTER TRAINER (MT 1148)
– Certified CORRECTIVE Exercise Trainer
BOSU Master Trainer Training (2019)
– BOSU Next Generation Balance Training
– BOSU Mindful Movement and Mobility
– BOSU Advanced Programming Strategies
Surge Master Trainer Training (2019)
– SURGE Hydro Training System
– SURGE Hydro Performance Training
– SURGE Hydro Program Design
Workshop on Scoliosis and Breast Cancer recovery by Kathy Corey

Sport Massage Therapy Level 1 & 2 by EduFit

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