Kids Pilates Workshop 15 Sept 18 – bhumi
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Games and Physical activities are very important during growing stage. While playing, their mind are actively connected through the movement they made, for example: achieve balance during physical activities and problem solving during play.
Kids physical exercise must include the following elements:
  1. balancing
  2. flexibility
  3. speed
  4. sensitivity
  5. body coordination
  6. muscle strength
  7. muscle endurance.
With these elements in the play, kids are able to increase the ability to express themselves, thinking ability, imagination and creativity. Besides that, it will help to reduce stress and fear in kids.
Why Kids Pilates?
Improve concentration
While performing the Pilates movement kids will need to focus on one part of their body and hence this help to improve their concentration.
Increase Spinal Flexibility
Spinal column are very important element in kids growing stage, it is vital to keep the spine healthy all the time so that they can grow tall into their teenage. Pilates emphasise a lot on spinal alignment at all time.
Increase muscle strength
The controlled movements in Pilates improve blood circulation and strengthen the body’s core muscles. A strong core or trunk helps a child conserve his energy and be more attentive to his school work.
Correct the posture
Kids nowadays sit too long watching TV or iPad and that lead to poor posture. Poor posture affect their mental and physical growth badly. By practicing Pilates, they are able to keep the muscles working healthily at all time.
Primary school stage is a critical period to make sure kids develope a healthy lifestyle. At this stage, their brains are developing fast. Normally it will be very easy for kids to pick up skills in physical movement. So it is important to start exercise early.
We put FUN into FUNCTIONAL movement, give your kids the best start in life with Pilates.
Kids Pilates Workshop Detail
Date: 15th September 2018 Saturday 
Time: 10.00AM to 12.00PM
Age: 5 to 10 years old
Venue: Bhumi Lifestye @ Bukit Bintang
Fee : RM129 (2 person RM99 each)
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