Please check the box below to agree that you accept the below terms and conditions:

Limitation of Liability
1a. Regarding any loss which you suffer as a result of any acts of omissions by Bhumi Lifestyle you agree that our liability towards you is limited to the level of applicable insurance policy which we have in place from time to time. Bhumi Lifestyle pays for insurance policies that are suitable to the business it operates and the risks involved.
1b. Bhumi Lifestyle cannot accept liability for the loss, theft or accidental damage to your personal belongings at its facilities.
This limitation of liability applies even if Bhumi Lifestyle has been expressly advised of the potential loss.

Services Provided
2a. All services provided must be paid for in advance. Bhumi Lifestyle is not liable to provide any services if payment in full is not received in advance.
2b. All services are non-refundable once booked. Any discount on packages will only be applied to the final payment for any such package and will not be applied in the case of any refund.
2c. Packages expire accordingly as indicated in the pricelist. Extensions will be granted if agreed in writing in advance due to travel or extenuating circumstances.
2d. We reserve the right to change your instructor should this become necessary through the absence of any sort (instructor on leave, instructor is leaving the company, etc). We also recognize your right to change an instructor at any time and for any reason.

Group Class Policy
3a. We reserve the right to substitute instructors without prior notice. Taking classes with a variety of instructors is encouraged as each instructor brings something unique to their class.
3b. Group classes are organised according to different levels. If you are new to Pilates, it is recommended to start with private sessions. Clients will need time and regular attendance to gain proficiency and mastery of their bodies before moving to the next level of difficulty. This will be at the discretion of the instructor.
3c. You assume all risks associated with participating in a Pilates group class at Bhumi Lifestyle Studios. You must know how to handle the equipment before joining the class, and acknowledge that you understand the mechanisms and how to use the equipment safely.

3d. You agree that by participating in our Pilates group class, you are responsible for your own safety. You acknowledge that you are performing exercises which has an inherent risk of personal injury. Participating in Pilates is undertaken at your own risk. Bhumi Lifestyle cannot accept liability for any injuries that may occur during class.

Cancellation I Late Policy
4a. You will be charged at Bhumi Lifestyle’s discretion for any session which is booked but not attended unless the said session is cancelled or re-booked at least 24 hours in advance.
4b. If you are late for your private class, you are only entitled to the remaining portion of the time slot you booked. If you are more than 15 min late for your group class, you will not be allowed to join the class for your own safety and for the sake of the other clients.

Refund Policy
5a. All fees paid are non-refundable.
5b. Pre-paid packages have a strict validity period as indicated in the pricelist commencing from the date of purchase. Any unused classes at the date of expiry will be forfeited.
5c. If more than 3 months lapses with no classes or private sessions taken we reserve the right to cancel any Pilates package with no refund given.
You must notify our admin staff in advance if you are not able to come to the studio for an extended period due to valid medical reasons or travel. As long as it is communicated to us in advance, we are able to put your package on hold and extend the validity.

6a. You agree not to engage any active (at the date of this agreement and during the course of your package) Bhumi Lifestyle Sdn Bhd instructor outside of an Bhumi Lifestyle Sdn Bhd for a 6 month period following the expiry of any package that you contractually subscribe to.

Outcome of Services Provided
7a. Bhumi Lifestyle provides no guarantee of any outcome regarding services provided.

Personal Data and Electronic Media
Your personal information collected by us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will at all times be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be viewed in full here.
8a. Bhumi Lifestyle will never sell or provide your personal details or contact details to any other company with the exception of the holding company as the owner of Bhumi Lifestyle and associated companies for the purpose of administration.
8b. Your data may be transferred to servers in other countries for the purposes of administration.
8c. Bhumi Lifestyle will use the data you provide for the purposes of providing you with optimal services.
8d. Bhumi Lifestyle may contact you for administration purposes, for the provision and communication of services, and with customer satisfaction questions. You may opt out of any of these forms of communication at any stage.
8e. Bhumi Lifestyle and its associated companies may use anonymous data in aggregate for scientific research purposes.
8f. Your instructors will take photographs and other digital media to record your progress. Bhumi Lifestyle will not use these for promotional purposes without your permission.
8g. There may be videos or photographs taken in the facilities of Bhumi Lifestyle at any time. If you do not want to be featured incidentally in any of these please let your Personal Trainer know whenever such media are being recorded.

Intellectual Property
9. All materials provided to you by Bhumi Lifestyle or your assigned instructor remain the property of Bhumi Lifestyle, are for your personal use and must not be shared with anyone other than for medical purposes or as required legally unless otherwise stated in writing.

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