Our teachers are carefully selected and internationally certified to deliver the highest quality classes through the use of intelligent cueing, creative sequencing and subtle hands on adjustments to safely take your practice to the next level.


Aeryn is the owner and co-founder of Bhumi Lifestyle, she was an electrical engineer who then retired to become a fulltime homemaker. At the brink of a breaking point as a homemaker, Pilates has helped her regain control over her emotional state through the physical work that not only improve her health, but her state of mind as well.

She is now at a blissful and happy place and she hopes to share her experience and knowledge to her students so that they too can reap the benefits of Pilates as she did.

Aeryn is certified by LIXIN Pilates to teach:

    1. M0 Group Class
    2. M1 Private Coach training
    3. M2 Elite Private Coach Certification
    4. M6 Pre & Post Natal Pilates

Aeryn is  also a Blackroll master trainer and Blackroll corrective exercise trainer.


Bill was an IT specialist for 20 years, needless to say the cumulative years sitting behind the desk cost his health, aside from pains and ailments resulting from bad posture, he also suffered injuries from playing basketball and martial art practice as he did not understand the science of movement.

His encounter with Pilates has helped him tremendously to recover from his injuries, correct his posture and revitalise his physique. At age 40, he looks younger, feels better, and moves more swiftly, all testament to the effectiveness and benefits of Pilates.

Bill is certified by LIXIN Pilates to teach:

1. M0 Group Class

  • M0 Sexy booty summer legs
  • M0 Mat Pilates
  • M0 Shapilates with tools
  • M0 post-natal group class
  • M0 Fashion Pilates
  • M0 Yoga Pilates
  • M0 spine corrector group class

2. M1 Private Coach training

  • M1 Pilates Fundamentals
  • M1 Functional Anatomy
  • M1 Shaping series – sexy booty summer legs

3. M2 Elite Private Coach certification
4. M4 Pilates apparatus
5. M6 Pre & post natal Pilates

Loyalty Sport Rehabilitation 108
Sport Massage Therapy

 Bill is  also a certified Animal Flow L1 instructor, Blackroll master trainer, Blackroll corrective exercise trainer, BOSU master trainer and SURGE Master Trainer


Jason like most young chap was an avid gym goer in his university days. After years of being active he can’t help but notice that his training as hit plateau and there is a gap in his gym training, unexplained lower back pain, knee pressure and soreness etc. He finally found an answer in Pilates that serves as a missing link in his strength training regime, promoting uniform muscle development which is highly relevant to gym goers who typically suffer from injuries due to muscles imbalances.  Hit Jason up if you want to take your routine to the next level.

Jason is certified by LIXIN Pilates to teach:

M0 Group Class

  • M0 Sexy booty summer legs
  • M0 Abs slimming
  • M0 Sexy back and chest
  • M0 Mat Pilates
  • M0 Shapilates with tools
  • M0 post-natal group class
  • M0 Fashion Pilates
  • M0 Yoga Pilates
  • M0 spine corrector group class
  1. M1 Private Coach training
  2. M2 Elite Private Coach certification
  3. M3 & M4 Pilates apparatus
  4. M6 Pre & post natal Pilates
  5. M7 Pilates for scoliosis management

Jason is  also a certified BOSU master trainer

Shan Shan

Growing up, Shan Shan was prone to falling ill often, she finally decided to take charge of her health by taking her first step into fly yoga.  Over the years, her journey has taken her through yoga practice and teaching, certified as a therapist in sound healing and finally Pilates. Ultimately in her pursuit she realised that the benefits go beyond physical, it was a journey of discovery,  self growth and self love.

Shan Shan’s qualifications:

      • LIXIN Pilates M1 Functional Anatomy
      • LIXIN M1 Pilates Fundamentals
      • LIXIN M4 Pilates apparatus
      • Yoga Deep International Teacher Training Certification (200 hours RYS)
      • Sound healing therapist certification
      • 20 hours Aerial Hammock Intensive Instructor Course

Hui Ping

Hui Ping has been training in gym for many years. She fell in love with Pilates after being exposed to this exercise because Pilates helped her improve her physical pain. Before this Hui Ping work abroad as a accountant. After she come back from abroad she join teaching training course, through the course know more about her body and also helps her relax physically and mentally, allowing her to focus on her body.

Let’s relax our physically and mentally together through Pilates with Hui Ping.

Hui Ping’s qualifications:

      • LXIN Pilates M0 Reformer Group
      • LIXIN Pilates M1 Pilates Fundamentals
      • Bhumi Apprentice Program 550 hours

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