PRVATE 1-to-1 session

Personalised. Transformation.

Experience the difference

Experience the difference


All clients will receive a one to one comprehensive assessment and postural analysis.

Why is postural analysis important for training?

This will allow us to understand your past body history and present condition such as injuries, assess your movement patterns, your limitations, strength, mobility and flexibility which in turns allow us to formulate a programme specific to your needs and goals.

Features of our private class

It's not just training, it's an education

Aside from working and training with our qualified trainers, we place emphasis on educating you about your body, posture and how to move pain free on a daily basis. It’s a long term commitment on our end to ensure that our clients are rehabilitated not only from our training programmes but also from their daily habits.

Tailored programme

Everybody is different. Our clients work on a bespoke personalised programme designed specifically to address their needs and goals. You will receive dedicated supervision and individualized sessions.

Safety and highly effective

You receive attentive supervision from our trainers who will ensure that exercises are performed correctly and effectively, sparing you from injuries. This means better and quicker results.


Every private training session starts with a massage to help reduce muscle tension and pain, which will ease your workout and increase efficacy in targeting the specific muscle groups.

Proven methods

We draw from the principles of Pilates and years of experience to provide the best programme for you. Be it rehabilitation or shaping, you are sure to find a solution with us.

Private Class Menu

Fix My Body

Rehabilitation and posture correction – We treat the underlying problem, not just the symptoms, to be truly free from pain

  • Rounded shoulders, rounded back/ hunch back, neck stiffness & tension
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Uneven shoulder
  • Back pain
  • Straightened spine arch
  • Scoliosis
  • Pelvic imbalance
  • Ankle and knees joint paint
  • Elbows and shoulders joint paint
  • Uneven length of legs (acquired)
  • X shaped legs (acquired)
  • O shaped legs (acquired)
  • Slipped capital femoral ephiphysis

Women’s Health

Reclaim, reform and recover

Pre-natal and post natal training

Work with our teachers Aeryn, a mother of 2 lovely daughters and Yin Yin, a new mom of a cheeky todd. Aside from training, connect with us and our network of mums. Both teachers have had a hypnobirth experience and practiced Pilates during pregnancy and post birth, we are keen to share all our insights with you!

Make Me Fit & Attractive

Slimming and shaping

  • Sexy booty – glutes sculpting, lifting and toning. The benefits of stronger glutes provide you better balance together with your core, not to mention a more attractive rearview.
  • Summer legs – legs shaping and strengthening, slim down and make your legs look miles longer
  • Chest lifting – chest (breast) lifting and firming, restore balance to chest (breast) that are uneven in shape and size
  • Sexy back – thinning and sculpting of the back, a stronger posterior chain also mean less pain and upright posture. Look taller and move with confidence.
  • Abs – slim down and get a smaller waist line, with the desired chiselled abs and lines

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