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想要变得有气质和自信吗?试过很多种瘦身的方式,却无法维持好身材?气质源于体态,自信来自身体的指数。除了身体要 fit, 穿衣显瘦,脱衣有肉之外,健康才是最重要的。




如果您曾经为以上问题烦恼,或者单纯想让身体健康,免疫力提升,体态好看。。。那千万不要错过 – 普拉提塑形瘦身线上工作坊

🔅 12 节课 让您了解瘦身的正确方式,保持身材不反弹之余,身体健康,身材好看。


✅正确的饮食方式, 保持好身材







工具: 泡沫轴,弹力带,一对 1kg 小哑铃

日期:3.1.22开始,星期一 8-9.15pm

Pilates Shaping & Toning Online Workshop

We always looking to be better than yesterday. Undeniable, health is always the priority on our list.
Balance diet, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle are the keys to achieve our goal.

💢If you are seeking for how to do it, then you must join the – Pilates Shaping & Toning online workshop.

12 lessons to guide you how to achieve a nice body figure with good health.

Class includes:
✅Correct way of balance diet to keep nice body figure
✅Understand some common slimming methods why fail at the end
✅Effectively exercise with Pilates principles
✅Targeted body part shaping workout
✅Understand our body, learn how to maintain a good posture
✅Techniques to prevent or eliminate chronic pain

🔅Correct exercise and lifestyle, can reshape our body from inner to outside, giving you more confident in daily activities.

Tools: Foam roller, elastic strap, 1 pair 1kg dumbbells

Date: Starting from 3.1.22, Every Monday 8-9.15pm

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