The Meticulous Body Recovery Program Level 1&2


【The Meticulous Body Recovery Program】


瑜伽大师Sadguru这么比喻,“人的身体是最复杂最完成的产品,但是我们是否读过我们身体的使用手册(User Manual)呢?”

大师说,有些精英运动员、学者,他们读过部分身体的使用手册,所以能在某个领域发挥的比常人更好。 你是否有想过我们的身体也有使用手册呢?
此课程由Bhumi Lifestyle 首席导师精心制作,每一堂都犹如唤醒我们的头脑和身体,让她们再次链接起来。
1. 当妈的
2. 当爸的
3. 少女/少男
4. 运动爱好者
5. 想变好看的
Intake 021 – 27.2.24
Level 1: night 8.00pm Tuesday
【The Meticulous Body Recovery Program】
If you are new in pilates, this is the workshop for you!
Quoted from master Sadguru, “Your body is a complicated system, you need to read the “user manual” of your body well in order to move freely.”
The master said that some elite athletes and scholars have read the “user manual” of their body well, so they can perform better than ordinary people in a certain field. Have you ever thought that our body also has a manual?
And you need a simple and easy guide to read the manual!
With twelve (12) classes in one month, we are helping you to gain back your self-confidence, say goodbye to the pain, and once again falling in love with your body. Most importantly, reconnecting your body and mind.
The meticulous body recovery program is a simple, easy and effective learning program.
1️⃣From the basic anatomy, you will understand your body structure!
2️⃣From daily practice, you will feel and observe your body in detail!
3️⃣From pilates fundamentals, you will communicate better with your own body!
By practising these three simple steps, you closer to your dream body shape, a happier and healthier lifestyle!
Join now to recover, reclaim and reform your new life!
Intake 021:
✅Every Tuesday
✅ night session 8.00-9.00pm
✅Starting from 27 February 2024
✅tools: foam roller and resistance strap