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About Li Xin Pilates

Pilates LiXin College has three outlets, more than 50 franchise stores and a number of cooperative studios, it is a fitness institution which combines private coach training, franchisee, Pilates equipment production and sales in one. Pilates Li Xin College has trained tens of thousands of outstanding coaches. For the upgrade training of coaches, nearly one-third of the coaches are the sales champions in the area.

Course Description: Group Preset Routine Course Pilates M0 System, Private Coach Skill Upgrading Course Pilates M1 System, Elite Private Coach Course Pilates M2-M10 System, these three Systems have nearly 60 monocular courses, Flow Pilates, Tai Chi Pilates, anatomy of muscle dynamics, strength training upgrading courses, Pilates elite private coach, exercise prescription courses during pregnancy period and other classic courses.

Main projects:

Pilates studios operation and franchise

One to one private teaching course

Complete private coach training

Pilates equipment production and sales

Promotion of private teaching gadgets


Li Xin 李欣

  • Founder of Chinese style Pilates
  • The first five-star personal trainer in China
  • Created Li Xin Pilates training system
  • Pilates supervisor / Personal training supervisor
  • The first Golf Pilates in China
  • The first rehabilitation exercise trainer in China
  • AMCT/American Spine Care / Periosteum Press
  • Chinese Ministry of Health Registered dietitian
  • ISSA Sport Nutrients
  • Top ten personal trainer in Beijing on website selection
  • Special contributor on healthy Colums of many periodical office
  • Health consultant and trainer of many famous company
  • Being special contributor of many fitness / fashion magazine
  • Attending many fitness activities bot in China and abroad
  • Chief trainer of Li Xin Pilates, engaged in private training for 20 years
  • Over 1,000 Private customers
  • Working time over 30,000 Hours
  • Created more than 20 fitness registered trademark

Li Hua Min 李华敏

  • Trainer for LiXin Pilates
  • M1 basic pilates private trainer for teacher
  • Trainer M1 breast firming
  • Trainer M1 abs firming
  • Trainer for M6 pilates pregnancy
  • Trainer for M0 pilates Postpartum
  • Technical adviser of FOUNTAIN WELLNESS
  • Direct of first pilates pregnancy theme center
  • Lector candidate for International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)
  • 10 years of working experience with all female client
  • More than 10 private training for prenatal & postpartum (2 years full course)
  • Founded Li Hua Min Postpartum recovery workshop
  • More than 50 client on pregnancy training
  • more than 400 client on postpartum training
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