Kyoga Core Training – bhumi
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Kyoga Core Trainig –
Inverted Crawling

June 17th – 19th

RMB 2,499

MYR 1,600

Yan Hua Profile
  • Kfly Senior Master
  • Kyoga senior master of Kyoga 100 TTC Part B
Dong Chao Profile
  • Kfly senior master
  • Kyoga senior master of Kyoga 100 TTC Part B
  • Lixin pilates M1 master
  • Director of MYU
  • 2nd of Mr HaiNan in 2006
  • Champion of 2013 Pilates
Program Overview

Explain and practice the importance of spine flexibility in the core training; explain in detail the muscle involved while doing inverted action , teach you how to get the power from front saw muscle correctly, let you thoroughly understand that the core is not a few muscles, but the whole, from the fingers connected to the toes, to find the stability of the body from the crawling training, teach you to find the pelvic neutral position and other muscle position to practice the inverted action.

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