Helen Chai – bhumi
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Helen Chai

My journey of yoga started in the year 2012, i continued to learn from diferrent schools &teachers. Over times of practice I understand that is so important to listen to our body & practice mindfully rather than just into asana only. I deepened my spiritual understanding in taking course. Slowly in my regular practice my mind quieter & confidence grew from inside out. It gave me measure of self & sense of purpose and I wish to share the power that this mind body connection practice can bring in our life.

Certified Group Class Instructor training by LIXIN Pilates
1. Sexy booty & summer legs
2. Spine corrector
Certified Personal Trainer training by LIXIN Pilates
1. M4 Pilates Reformal & Cadillac
Yoga Alliance RYT-200 hrs Teacher Traning
Trigger Point – Certificate of Myofascial Compression Tecniques
Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy (level 1, 2, 3 and 4)
KYOGA KFLY – Level 1 Instructor certification
Royalty Fitness Stretching Therapy yoga workshop
Li Zhe – Myofascial Yoga Workshop 
Judy Wu (LOHAS Yoga) – neck and shoulder workshop
Janus Tsai – Myofascial Yoga Workshop
James Wong -Yoga Anatomy& Postural Analysis Course
Michelle Lam (B.Physiotheraphy- Hons) Human Anatomy 7 days Yoga Workshop
International Rehabilitation Training of Royalty Fitness Stretching Therapy
Myofascial Chains Rehab and Function Assessment -Shoulder & Neck Course (Singapore)
Bright Sport Education- Gait Assessment & Correction Course
Left & Right Pilates Education – Certificate of 3D Anatomy and Human Kinetic Science
Tang Qi theoretical education health teacher training Yoga certification
Wong Kok Song traditional Chinese medicine courses
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