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线上团课一周年 First Anniversary of Virtual Group Class
时间都去哪儿了? 一转眼,疫情与我们共存已经超过一年了! 回想起疫情的发生,生活节奏严重被打乱,很多理所当然的事情都在默默地发生了改变。是勇敢的面对新常态?还是停留在等待回到过去的日子?
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Quadratus Lumborum – The Root Cause of Back Pain 了解千年老腰
In 2020, after the first MCO was lifted in June, we started our operation again by providing one to one
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The dangers of sitting (Part 2)
Hello ! In the last article, we talked about the more apparent health hazards commonly associated with long hours sitting
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The dangers of sitting: Why sitting is the new smoking
If you work a desk job, are you even aware that you sit on average 10 hours a day? That
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Why are you struggling to loose weight ?
Why are you struggling to loose weight? In this January 2021  first issue article, we share with you what is
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Day 66 今天想分享关于喉轮(vishuddha)及心轮(anahata)。 其实对瑜伽里面的脉轮并没有深入了解,但是是能感受到自己的喉轮和心轮是严重堵塞了好多年,好多年…
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