LIXIN Pilates was established in 2008 by Mr Li Xin. LIXIN Pilates Academy is a reputable and leading provider of Pilates and fitness coach education in China, to date it has trained more than 20,000 students. The innovative system developed by Mr Li Xin integrate Pilates, his knowledge in Chinese Meridian therapy and over 20 years’ experience as a top performing fitness coach which weaves a unique method that truly delivers in all aspects, be it slimming and shaping, injury rehabilitation, reducing pain, enhancing sports performance or general body maintenance.

More Than Just An Education Provider

Unlike most education providers with a pure focus on academic and education experience and resource, LIXIN Pilates also operate its Pilates studios in Beijing and with 100 franchisee studios across China. As a graduate of Masters in Finance himself, Mr Li Xin not only seek to provide wholesome Pilates training but also imparting his knowledge on implementing successful and profitable business system for his franchise network.

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Blackroll is a German manufacturer of self- massage tools for relief and regeneration of muscles and connective tissue known as fascia. We are proud to be partners of Blackroll Malaysia and Blackroll Singapore and to carry their products in studio. Blackroll products complements the LIXIN Pilates method of myofascia release prior to training, which has been an area of increasing focus of scientific research shown to impact our capacity for movement and sensitivity to pain.

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