Online Workshop

1 programme, 12 online lessons to advance your learning and build a better body

I am a student keen to gain more insights but I’m not ready for a private session yet to…then this programme is for you! The contents of these programmes are curated to guide you to gain a deeper understanding of your own body to help you move better.

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TMRBP – Knowing Your Spine

Pilates Shaping & Toning

Blackroll Rejuvenation Workshop (4 hours over 2 days)

Spine Corrector Workshop

Sexy booty summer legs workshop

Primal human animal – Animal Flow + Pilates principle

Abs, Back & Chest Workshop


The Meticulous Body Recovery Program #20

Starting 10.10.2023
Every Tuesday 8-9pm
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Knowing your spine #10

Starting 19.10.2023
Every Thursday 8-9pm
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