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On 16 March 2018, the Malaysian Government has announced a Movement Control Order to curb the COVID-19 outbreak commencing 18 March 2020, this would mean all non-essential business, including us, will be closed. We called for an urgent meeting on 17 March 2020 to discuss our internal work flow and home training for the next 14 days, to ensure our team stay on top of the game, we have determined that daily online home training will be conducted by each teacher on rotation.

 317日,在馆里开了一个紧急会议。当时的行动限制是14 天,为了确保大家好好利用这14天,大家坐下来规划好自己这14天要完成的功课。并且定了18号开始每天下午两点,开始内训,馆里的每一个老师轮流每天带一节课,然后大家再分享课后心得。


The first few days of home training was a test out period, we tried different apps to see which software give the best online class experience in terms of clarity of sound and image.



We launched our trial FOC online classes between 23 to 26 March 2020 to gather feedback from existing members, at the same time, I consulted teacher Hua Min and she was of the opinion that we should insist on conducting paid online classes instead of FOC classes, but I understood very well that in general the Malaysian public is probably less inclined to pay for an online class experience, unlike Mainland Chinese who are more receptive due to their matured fitness market.


Teaching online is a complete unfamiliar territory for all of our teachers, the work that goes behind the screen is three folds, aside from planning our classes we are learning how to film, staying in the frame, mic checks, lighting and to stay enthusiastic and connecting with the audience while talking to our device, and then there are issues such connectivity, needless to say it was a learning curve for all of us, we were able to pull through with constant encouragement and support from all our team members.



How do we ensure that you get the best online class experience?

Unlike most IG Live classes that are FOC, the teacher does not see the students. Our classes are conducted through a conference meeting limited to 10 pax, your cameras are turned on so that our teacher can monitor and supervise you. If you have trained privately with us, then you will know that our teachers have an eye for detail and as sharp as an eagle, which is why we are able to give accurate verbal cues to correct you even through the camera so that you can have an effective workout remotely.








 This is usually how we look behind the scenes after a session of online class, drained as the preparation that goes behind it is three fold, and having to stay upbeat and energetic while talking to our device so that our students get their buck out of their money from the online class.

During the MCO period, I believe most of us are busier than usual, with chores, cleaning and cooking, possibly home schooling your kids, or even possibly lounging and sitting too much, we all can benefit from exercise and especially guided sessions to enjoy a moment of fitness and human connection during this difficult time

因为这一次疫情,我们开发了一个新路线,最后想要跟大家说的是,我们的线上课程,不会因为疫情结束也跟着结束!会一直延续下去的,以后无论您身在哪里,都可以跟着Bhūmi Lifestyle的老师上课!

Due to covid-19, we have launched our new product – online classes. However, our classes will not stop when the covid-19 is over. This program will go on and on, we hope that you will be able to train with us no matter where you are!


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