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Yin Yin

I was exposed to the practice of Pilates after having learnt that it is extremely beneficial and helpful in improving my scoliosis. Regular practice of Pilates has helped me achieve better muscle strength and endurance, posture, flexibility and coordination, not to mention a leaner and more toned physique.
The positive impact of Pilates is fully demonstrated during my pregnancy where I do not suffer any common ailments or pain associated with pregnancy caused by poor posture and a weak core. Having reaped the benefits of Pilates myself, I would like to share my knowledge and passion with you to move better and ultimately achieving your personal wellbeing goals.

Certified Group Class Instructor training by LIXIN Pilates
1. Sexy booty & summer legs
2. Abs, chest & back
3. Mat Pilates – beginner
4. Mat Pilates – intermediate
5. Taichi Pilates
6. Fashion Pilates
7. Yoga Pilates
8. Post – natal recovery
Certified Personal Trainer training by LIXIN Pilates
1. M1 Pilates Fundamentals Foundation course
2. M1 Functional anatomy
3. M1 Extreme shaping series – Sexy booty
4. M1 Extreme shaping series – Summer legs
5. M1 Extreme shaping series – Abs
6. M1 Extreme shaping series – Chest
7. M1 Extreme shaping series – Back
8. M6 Pre & Post – natal Pilates
Workshop on scoliosis and breast cancer recovery by Kathy Corey
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