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Bhumi 了解大家的需求,Bill 老师特别设计了动物流(自重训练)结合普拉提与筋膜放松的工作坊,解决以上所有问题。

🦍Animal Flow🦂 融合瑜伽、体操、霹雳舞以及肢体平衡练习等元素,模仿动物跳动、爬行等动作,能够建立力量,挖掘身体潜力,提高移动性和灵活性,加强身体耐力,是一项提高全身肌肉协调性的运动。
普拉提主要是锻炼人体深层的小肌肉群,调整体态,达到身体平衡,提升身体的延展与关节的灵活,强调对核心肌群的控制,改善现代人因生活习惯造成的慢性疼痛, 加强对身体和肌肉发力的控制,再配合正确的呼吸方法所进行的一项全身协调运动。




完成了12节课程后,你可以结合各种动作搭配成不同的flow来练习,告别一成不变的练习模式,让练习更有趣,想瘦身,减肥,提升气质,散发自信 .. 一切都随之而来!


解锁身体隐藏的能力,发掘全新的身体, 点击以下的连接报名 !

Are you facing these problems?

♦️Bad posture and bodily pain caused by sedentary lifestyle and sitting or standing for long hours
♦️Neck and shoulder pain developed from poor posture when working behind your desktop and using mobile phones
♦️No time to exercise due to long working hours
♦️Not achieving your desired goals even though you have exercised and trained hard
♦️Forced to take a back seat from training due to injury
♦️Newbie who wants to exercise but don’t know where to start

Bhumi Lifestyle understand your needs, our trainer Bill has specially designed this workshop combining animal flow, Pilates and fascia relaxation to help you solve all of the above problems!


🦍Animal Flow🦂 utilizes natural gravity and your own body weight to perform ground based movement to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing on multi planar fluid movements. It incorporates elements such as yoga, gymnastics, break dancing and body balance exercises imitating animal jumps, crawls and other movements. A whole body workout that builds strength and endurance as well as improve mobility, flexibility, functionality and coordination.
Pilates, otherwise known as Contrology, is a low impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. While it tends to focus on the core group muscles, which is the foundation of one’s body to enable one to move efficiently, it works on the deep intricate muscles of other body area as well with emphasis on precision and technique. The health benefits of Pilates include: better posture, improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body) and rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to muscle imbalances.

😍One price, threefold benefits。 in this workshop, you will learn:
 Learn how to move correctly and efficiently with the principles of Pilates
Improve body and joint flexibility and mobility
Strengthen and stabilise
Enhance sports performance
Correct bad posture
Say goodbye to chronic bodily pain

 Simple, easy and EFFECTIVE.

The workshop combine theory and practice to help you understand the basis and purpose of practice. After completing 12 classes, you will be able to spice up your workout routine by combining various techniques you learnt.

The workshop will commence on 24 October 2020, every Saturday, 8.00pm to 9.00pm for 6 consecutive weeks.

Unlock your body’s potential and discover a whole new body that exudes confidence.

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